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Environmental Policy

Our policy regarding our initiatives for the environment

Hotel Keihan Co., Ltd. hereby determines the Environmental Policy to exhaustively review and implement our initiatives for the environment to be pursued along with the management principles requiring each member of the Hotel Keihan Chain to offer sound relaxation and warm services at an appropriate price.

1.Awareness raising and compliance with laws and regulations

We will enhance our consciousness about our initiatives for environmental conservation, which is our social responsibility, through establishing and implementing the environmental management system. At the same time, we will comply with legal regulations and other requirements related to the environment.

2.Establishment of a goal and continuous efforts for improvement

We pursue to become "eco offices/eco hotels," which is our goal leading to eco-friendly business operation. By creating concrete action plans to achieve this and reviewing them as necessary, we will advance our continuous efforts for improvement.

3.Priority action items

To reduce environmental burden and prevent environmental pollution, we determine the priority action items as follows:

  1. Implementation of energy-saving and power-saving actions
  2. Implementation of efficient operation of air-conditioning and water-heating equipment
  3. Reduction of emissions and waste
  4. Implementation of noise control
  5. Promotion of sustainable procurement

4.Contribution to local communities and educational training

We will contribute to society with due consideration for the environment, aiming to achieve harmony with nature and create an enriched environment. We also provide necessary educational training to employees.


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President Yukio Yamada

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